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  • Become a Green Kid

Become a Green Kid

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About the Author

Penny is an environmental scientist turned entrepreneur and author with over ten years of experience as an environmental writer, editor, and publisher. She has made article contributions in Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global.

Penny founded Green Kid Crafts in 2010, a children's media company that provides convenient and eco-friendly STEAM activities. She is also the founder of Green Planet Media and host of This Green Planet Podcast.

Our world is connected, we all share this space! Kids will learn how to help the planet with Penny Bauder’s new children’s book Become a Green Kid. Kids of all ages will love this book full of bright and beautiful illustrations that accompany the educational rhymes on each page. From recycling, to teaching others about sustainability, to picking up litter, to becoming activists, with Become a Green Kid, kids will learn about some of the best and easiest ways they can make a difference.

“Adults say, ‘It’s great to have kids involved, You are the future.’ But, we’re more than just the future, we’re the present and we can make a difference NOW.” – Illustrator Rowan Heys, 12 years old